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Senate Bill 201 "The Reagan Tokes Law" and Senate Bill 231 "Sierah's Law"

Total Credits: 0 Attorney Professional Conduct, 2.0 General

Criminal Law
Scott Shumaker, Criminal Justice Counsel
Course Levels:
Audio and Video


Major sentencing changes for F-1 and F-2 offenses took effect in March 2019.  SB 201 “The Reagan Tokes Law” dramatically changes sentencing procedures for all non-life felonies of the first and second degree.  SB 231 “Sierah’s Law” creates a statewide Violent Offender Database with a duty of enrollment in that database for offenders convicted of specified violent offenses.  Practitioners need to be aware of these changes in order to avoid confusion, delay, or errors in sentencing these serious offenses.


This presentation by Sentencing Commission staff will include a breakdown of the new indefinite sentencing scheme and advisements judges must relay to offenders during plea hearings and at sentencing.


Participants should expect to learn:

  1.  A brief history of  how both bills came into existence;
  2.  Definitions of relevant terminology of both the indefinite sentencing scheme and the Violent Offender Database;
  3.  Instructions in how indefinite sentencing works, including calculating maximum sentences;
  4.  Release mechanisms under the indefinite sentencing scheme;
  5.  Explanation of how the Violent Offender Database will function, including court procedures and the duties of offenders.


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